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‘Secured by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and British Standard Kitemark from BSi (KM 561977). Features are included in the cylinder to help slow down cylinder attacks from intruders using the most common and popular techniques for braking into homes:

Sacrificial Cut: The cylinder has sacrificial cut lines on each side of the cylinder to slow down cylinder attacks.

Anti-Bump: The cylinder has a Patented 'timing pin' system to stop lock bumping. With this new system, there are over 800,000 different key combinations possible. 

Anti-Pick: Special 3x stainless steel anti-pick pins on both sides of cylinder to help prevent the lock from being picked by intruders.

Anti-Drill: Added security that your lock cannot be drilled with anything but a special drill there are 3x stainless steel anti-drill pins on both sides of the Euro cylinder. Two are located in the barrel and two in the plug.

The thumb turn mechanism offers speedy exits to any homeowner should there be an emergency and essential home security for any front door. Perhaps thinking about emergencies is not a pleasant task but keeping ourselves safe in any situation should be high on our agendas. Whether you are someone who loses keys easily or perhaps someone who may suffer from trembling hands that make it difficult to slip a key into a lock in a stressful situation a Nickel thumb turn 6 pin lock could help you save valuable seconds when trying to leave your home quickly and safely, without having to think about where you put your keys or your glasses or why the key won't fit into the lock. When it’s in a situation such as a fire for example those seconds count. The amount of smoke inhaled has a direct correlation with the speed of your recovery.

Each cylinder comes with 3 keys as standard




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